What We Do

Advocacy, Education & Information 

Our Mission

Polk Forever is an organization dedicated to advocating for Polk County’s water, wildlife and wilderness through public education and awareness.  Our focus is ensuring that safeguards are in place to protect and properly manage Polk County’s water and land resources. We support meaningful funding for land conservation to protect sensitive natural lands, protect water resources and wildlife habitat, as well as recreational opportunities to citizens and tourists. We support an effective city, county and regional process of managing growth and development to maintain and enhance the quality of life for present and future Polk County residents. 

Our Vision

To accomplish this, it is essential that citizens of all ages and backgrounds understand the importance of protecting these priceless resources. It is imperative that candidates for office, elected officials and all policy makers be informed on key conservation issues. Citizens must get involved and stay engaged at all levels. We encourage citizens to join   in the political process by contacting their legislators, working in their communities, and encouraging everyone to vote.