The liquid heart of Florida

The Green Swamp with its 560,000 acres of land is the second largest aquifer recharge in Florida.  Sitting on a plateau above the surrounding land allows the rain water to drains across the surface forming the headwaters of four major rivers: the Withlacoochee, the Ocklawaha, the Peace and the Hillsborough. 

The swamp is made of  several ecosystems including cypress swamps, river swamp, pine flatwoods, oak hammocks and sandhills.  These ecosystems attract a variety of wildlife with more than 330 species of animals described including some of the most endangered and threatened species like the Florida black bear and Florida panther.

Protecting the Green Swamp is essential to ensure the quality and quantity of water for Central Florida and maintain a functional wildlife corridor.

The Green Swamp encompass four counties and protects about 560,000 acres and the headwarters of four rivers.
Pine Flatwoods on the East Tract
Pine Flatwoods on the East Tract
Bachelors Buttons carpeting the edge of a cypress pond.
The Withlacoochee River on the East Tract.

Flowers of the Green Swamp

Birds of the Green Swamp

Reptiles & Amphibians of the Green Swamp

Mammals of the Green Swamp