On Tuesday a coalition of Polk environmentalists asked the County Commission to put a referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot to restart the property tax levy to buy or preserve more of the remaining habitat areas to protect rare and listed species and to prevent other species from declining.

Commissioners agreed to consider the request, but it is unknown when or whether they will approve it.

If the County Commission puts the measure on the ballot and the voters approve it, the plan is to buy more land to fill the gaps or to purchase conservation easement from landowners to keep working lands intact as eh bulldozers advance in many parts of Polk County.

So, what can you do to help?

Contact county commissioners to let them know you support this measure.

Commissioner George Lindsey. georgelindsey@polk-county.net

Commissioner Rick Wilson rickwilson@polk-county.net

Commissioner Bill Braswell billbraswell@polk-county.net

Commissioner Martha Santiago marthasantiago@polk-county.net

Commissioner Neil Combee neilcombee@polk-county.net

Schedule a speaker at your club, homeowners association or other local organization. To do that, contact Marian Ryan at (863) 207-5206 or Suzanne Lindsey at (863) 698-5531.

Contribute to Polk Forever, a political committee formed to promote the campaign. Send donations to Polk Forever, P.O. Box 773, Winter Haven 33882-0773.

For more information, go to https://polkforever.com